Digital Edge-to-Edge Quilting

This is the most popular quilting service, ideal for quilts designed for regular use. This option offers precision digital repeating motifs edge-to-edge across the quilt without regard to the piecing. The themes of patterns range widely, but in general stitching will be 3/4" to 2 1/2" apart and is available for 2 cents per square inch. Select designs with greater density and complexity may be up to 3 cents per square inch. I am always adding to my pattern collection and am willing to special order a design if you have a particular theme in mind. There is a $50 minimum quilting fee.

Semi-Custom Digital Quilting

Custom quilting varies greatly by design, please feel free to contact me for a price quote during a personal consultation. In general, custom quilting highlights individual blocks and borders, treating each element separately.

Semi-Custom digital design includes pre-existing digital motifs that I will customize to fit the block or border on your quilt. Prices range from 3 - 5 cents per inch. This style of quilting includes complex continuous line designs such as mending feathers, simple block and border treatments, or the center area of a quilt being filled with continuous line designs with separate border treatments. Generally, there is no or very little stitch-in-the-ditch quilting. Designs are larger in scale, but uniform in density throughout the quilt. There is a $50 minimum quilting fee.


The choice of batting is yours and you are welcome to provide your own batting. However, I will not accept super-lofty polyester battings as I find that they perform very poorly. Each batting has its own characteristics of loft, shrinkage and migration, so please ask if you have questions about which batting to use for your project. You will need batting that is a minimum of 8" longer and wider than your quilt top.

I prefer rolled batting because it does not have any packaging creases. I carry the following batting on the roll for your convenience:

Quilter's Dream Select White - 100% USA cotton - Excellent for vintage and antique quilt tops.

Quilter's Dream Blend - 70% USA cotton 30% polyester - Most used. Excellent for most quilt tops. More durable than cotton only. It holds up well on the quilt frame and has wonderful drape (not too stiff.)

Quilter's Dream Wool - 100% Wool - I would like to recommend wool batting to customers interested in full-custom quilting. The loft of wool batting allows the elaborate designs to show beautifully. Modern wool batting is washable and extremely light weight, perfect for winter warmth and summer breath-ability.

Quilter's Dream Green - 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles - It is very soft and has excellent drape, wonderful consistency and strength. Most economical choice.

I also can provide the full line of Quilter's Dream specialty batting, such as black polyester, flame retardant or fusible.